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Glykos utilizes its unique know-how on bioactive glycans in discovery and development of products and technologies with superior functionality

Breakthrough antibody drug conjugation technology

Glykos’ ADC technology includes hydrophilic linker technology and cytotoxic drug derivatives which overcome several limitations of current ADC applications. The key benefits of our technology include high efficacy, increased tolerability, excellent pharmacokinetics, and the ability to site-specifically conjugate practically any monoclonal antibody with the client’s payload of choice to create homogeneous and effective next-generation ADCs.


Glycomarkers and antibodies against cancer and cancer stem cells

Glycans play a crucial role in several pathophysiological stages of tumour progression. Glycans regulate tumor proliferation, invasion, metastasis and angiogenesis. Glykos creates antibodies which utilize glycan targets and other glycan mediated technologies for improved targeting and efficacy. In the preclinical setting Glykos antibodies have demonstrated efficient targeting in vivo, efficient internalization and ability to regulate cell growth in vitro.



Glykos attends World ADC Europe Digital 8 – 11 March, 2021. Together with Genovis AB, Glykos presens a poster titled: Site-specific Antibody Drug Conjugation with 2-step Cleavable linker-payloads Displays Potent in-vivo Efficacy. In the poster, site-specific conjugation with Genovis’ GlyCLICK® technology and generation of unique ADCs using a glycopeptide linker with potent MMAE and PNU payloads was demonstrated. The resulting ADCs had DAR=2.0 and showed potent tumor killing activities in vitro and in vivo. See conference website for more information: