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About Glykos Analytics

Glykos Analytics provides high through-put analytical services to characterize glycans of proteins as well as other biomolecules, cells and tissues. Our services include rapid mass spectrometric glycan profiling and full structural analysis of glycans.

Glycan profiling refers to analysis of the qualitative and quantitative information of glycan structures expressed in a biomolecule, cell or tissue. Glycan profile of a recombinant therapeutic protein, for example, is an invaluable tool for pharmaceutical and manufacturing process development and controlling protein’s biological function, pharmacokinetics, antibody effector functions such as ADCC and CDC, and biomolecular interactions.

We use advanced high-precision high through-put analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry, microanalytical chromatography, glycan and protein microarrays, and NMR spectroscopy to analyze glycan structures. You can find a list of our selected publications here.

Glykos has applied its glycomics technology to stem cells, for example, and was the first to characterize and publish the glycome of several human stem cell types. Furthermore, we have mapped glycan profiles of major cancer types and cancer stem cells and identified a host of novel biomarkers and treatment targets.

We work with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and leading research institutions in projects ranging from demanding structural characterization of single difficult-to-analyze glycoproteins to large high through-put process development projects involving large sample sets (from hundreds to thousands of samples) of therapeutic protein process variants.

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For additional information and ordering please contact us on info@glykos.fi.