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Glykos focuses on discovery and development of products and technologies which are based on bioactive glycans.
We collaborate with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Breakthrough antibody drug conjugation technology

Glykos’ ADC technology includes novel linker technology and cytotoxic drug derivatives which overcome several limitations of current ADC applications. The key benefits of our technology include flexible optimization of the hydrophilic character of the drug component using our linkers and the ability to site-specifically conjugate practically any monoclonal antibody with the client’s toxin of choice.

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Glycomarkers and antibodies against cancer and cancer stem cells

Glycans play a crucial role in several pathophysiological stages of tumour progression. Glycans regulate tumor proliferation, invasion, metastasis and angiogenesis. Glykos creates antibodies which utilize glycan targets and other glycan mediated technologies for improved targeting and efficacy. In the preclinical setting Glykos antibodies have demonstrated efficient targeting in vivo, efficient internalization and ability to regulate cell growth in vitro.

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Pioneering stem cell glycomics

Glykos has worked with stem cell glycomics since 2004 resulting in 25 patent families. Glykos' scientists were the first to characterize, patent and publish the glycome of mesenchymal, embryonic, hematopoietic, cord-blood derived and bone-marrow derived stem cells. Our pioneering research with stem cells has yielded a platform of compelling technologies for both therapeutic application and research of stem cells, including isolation, cultivation and differentiation of stem cells, quality control of stem cell products and engineering of the properties of therapeutic stem cells.

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