Developing best-in-class ADCs against hematologic and solid tumor targets

Glykos is a late preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company. We are working on best-in-class ADCs that display outstanding therapeutic index.

Innovating ADCs

Developing best-in-class ADCs against hematologic and solid tumor targets

At Glykos we strive to develop best-in-class antibody-drug conjugates with widened therapeutic window. We develop treatments to increase survival and improve quality of life for cancer patients. Through our in-house developed technologies, we have created a next generation antibody-drug conjugate platform with more effective and better tolerated ADCs. We welcome collaboration and co-development opportunities with pharmaceutical partners and antibody developers.

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Our ADC Technology

Breakthrough antibody-drug conjugate technology

Our technology platform allows us to develop targeted medicines with high potency while maintaining favorable safety. The technology allows for higher doses of ADCs to be administered, reaching optimal on-target therapeutic effect without being set back by off-target toxicities. Our auristatin class cytotoxic payload MMAU has shown better efficacy and higher tolerability over VC-MMAE (vedotin) technology.

Glykos’ ADCs use our proprietary hydrophilic linker technology and cytotoxic drug derivatives which overcome several limitations of current ADC applications. The key benefits of our technology include high efficacy, increased tolerability, excellent pharmacokinetics, systemic stability, and the ability to site-specifically conjugate practically any monoclonal antibody with the client’s payload of choice to create homogeneous and effective next-generation ADCs.

Glykos' ADC technology uses stabile hydrophilic linkers to improve ADC tolerability, pharmacokinetics, efficacy and therapeutic window. We have developed cytotoxic drug derivatives in three payload classes.


ADC asset development focused on oncology

Glykos is building a pipeline of proprietary ADCs against hematologic and solid tumor targets. Our lead ADC candidate is GLK-33 targeting CD33-expressing blood cancers AML and MM.

Our Analytics

Applying glycobiology to pharmaceutical development

Glykos develops new pharmaceuticals through the application of glycans. We use advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry, microanalytical chromatography, glycan and protein microarrays, fluorescence-activated cell sorting and NMR spectroscopy to identify bioactive glycan structures. Our synthetic bioactive oligosaccharides and oligosaccharide libraries enable us to then link the target with a specific chemical structure to develop new pharmaceutical molecules.

Our team has extensive knowledge and over 30 years’ experience on glycobiology, anti-cancer drug development and ADC design.

Our analysis technology is also available as a service